Aalto University, 2021


    The aim of the project was to provide a perspective to address income inequality. Common question for our team was, how might we give people equal access to learn how to improve their financial capability? On the basis of some articles and studies, there is lack of universal financial education in Finland. Financial education that’s distributed to one by their parents or their peers puts people in unequal situations. There are groups that will not benefit from this since their parents or peers lack financial knowledge. But insufficient financial knowledge has a danger of creating inequality in distribution of wealth.

For a better understaing of the topic, we started to recruit our interviewees, who were Finnish boys and girls aged between 22 and 28. We chose face-to-face interviews as method, to able to create a bond with the interviewees and see how willing people were to talk about money management. In order to make the interviewees more comfortable with the topic, our interviews were structured in three different types of questions: basic questions, to understand the background of our interviewees; questions about their money management capabilities, through images and icons they could identify with. And finally, the lasts questions were based on proposed scenarios, where participants could identify themselves.

We wanted to make this topic easy and accessible to everyone, by catching people's attention and making them understand that everyone can succeed and learn, so our final solution was: a learning kit including a notebook, poster and cards, aimed at 15-16 year olds, designed as a gift to be handed out at the end of middle school. We chose this precise age group because it is the time when children all have the same level of knowledge (after which they can decide whether to work or continue studying) and because it is when they begin to have their firsts needs to manage money, even if in small amounts.

The Activity Booklet

The activity book contains playfull tasks around common money-related events. There are scenario-based situations with some common cases requiring monetary decisions. Users are ask to imagine themselves in the different situations,  and can answer the questions on how they could solve the current scenario. Are also provided alternative options on how the situation could be solved and avoided in the future.

The foldable Poster

The poster rapresents a journey of financial decisions of a real person who has invested money and achieved financial stability  through conscious choices. It will not only be a financial sector worker with expert knowledge, but a person without any specific expertise in the field and who has through conscious money management and investment choices achieved financial stability.

Resources cards

As resources, tabs are provided where the user can found links to information on the topic of money management, including contact details of people who can provide guidance.In addition, reference is made to various forums and social media circulating on the topic.