Woodbased Material

Aalto University, 2022


Wood fibers at the microscopy

       These materials testing were carried out during the CHEMARTS program, a collaboration between the School of Chemical Engineering and Arts at Aalto University.

       There we worked with wood based materials and often discarded in the biomass industry, the goal was to find more creative and sustainable solutions and uses for these industrial wastes, such as ligning or pine niddles. But also learning how to recognise different typology of wood from their cells shapes.

Wood cells at the microscope

       Preparation of samples of different types of trees to be observed under the microscope and analysis of the different properties observed.

Spruce bark extract 

       Making of the spruce extract by placing the dried bark in an alcoholic or aqueous solution for a few days. Then examination of its anti-uv property using an ultrasound machine. 

Pine needle extract

       Pine needle extract and transformation of needles into powders. Research around the pigment and fragrance released in the different solutions

Research around soap solutions