Ensci Les Atelier, 2021


View of the SacàDodo in a field

    SacàDodo is a backpack that becomes a cradle when needed, designed for babies from 0 to 6 months. The first phase of research was based on the concept of sleep and in particular my attention was focused on how the environment can affect sleep. Notably to respect the circadian rhythms. Hence the interest in newborns, who are unable to follow these sleep-wake rhythms.

Closing SacàDodo when used as a cradle

    The object has a double functionality: it can be used as a backpack to carry your child and once you arrive at your destination it becomes a cradle, folding the fabric on itself.

Closing SacàDodo when used as a backpack

    For the development of theproject it was of great inspiration the culture of nomadic populations, that’s why SacàDodo is a nomadic object: able to adapt to both sedentary and migrant living conditions. 


    In the project is analyzed a more abstract concept of space, where the temporary architecture is given by the object. In fact, it is not the body that needs the space to exist, but it is the body that creates the environment around it. SacàDodo succeeds in recreating a private, welcoming and safe place, like a bedroom, but without enclosing it in four rooms.


100% Wool

    A fundamental aspect of the project is the material chosen. In fact, SacàDodo is a mono-material object made entirely of wool.

Material board
    For each part of the object it has been studied a different processing of the material, in order to obtain the necessary properties. The choice of wool as a material is also meant to represent the link with nature; an archetypal material with great intrinsic technology as well. Lastly, wool is strictly connected with nomadic populations, the main inspiration of the project.

The object

    The final object is composed ofthree different parts: a mattress,a wool cloth and a rocking chair. Each part can be remove and the object can be composed at will, as needed.


The wool cloth is foldable on itself inorder to be both a sun shelter and abelt to carry the baby on the mother’s back. 


It is made of wool cloth, this amplifies its breathable properties when used as a swaddle to carry the baby, and its UV resistance when used as a cradle sheltering the baby from the sun

The structure allows a deformation in bending, but not in compression, allowing the child to not have breathing problems while sleeping. It also take the shape of the mother’s back during the baby carrying phase. The internal structure, being made of wool, it acts as a thermal insulator.


The mattress is made of 3D printed wool, an innovative technique of wool processing. This processing technique allows for a very precise and strong structure in the mattress. In this case, a honeycomb-like structure was chosen, as resistance in compression and excellent flexion was sought. 

It is an accessory that recalls the idea of movement once still. It is complementary, so one can also decide to not use it.


It is made of felt, a process that allows wool to amplify its insulating and water-repellent properties. In fact, the rocker is the component that separates the baby from the earth. It also brings back from standing still the concept of movement.