Out of the wood

Aalto University, 2022

application of the mask and bark in the woods, inspirational photo

    Out of the wood is a project born on the reflection of the concept of dirty and clean. How do we perceive these two opposite concepts? Often the forest is understood as a dirty and messy environment, full of mold and bacteria. But these elements are instead rich in nutrients and good for our skin. The project try to create body cleaning supplies that are aesthetically dirty, but instead rich in nutrients for our skin. All using non-woven textiles and raw materials found in the finnish winter woods. 

detail of the nonwooven fiber sponge

    The main process methods used were three, two for creating the scrub cloth and one for the sponge. Regarding the cloth: it was first dyed in boiled water with blueberry plants and then, once dried, it was dipped in a solution of Bioslime. This allowed the various nutrients to bind to the cloth.

dyeing of the different fabrics with blueberry plants
bioslime solution
the material once soaked in the bioslime

    In the case of the sponge, a pulp of fibers was created from the fabric, which was then beaten in order to create air between the fibers and once the mixture was dried, the sponge was obtained. Finally, nutrients such as pine needle powder were added. 

making of the fiber sponge
dissolution of the sponge in water
pine needles powder
fiber sponge

    The final product is a totally biodegradable and water soluble cleaning set, designed for people who live nature as a lifestyle and need 100% natural products to wash in nature and for people who do not have the opportunity to experience nature first hand and want to get in touch with it in another way.

different samples of the mask
application of the sponge on the skin
wood raw materials

inspirational photos from the wood