Le soin pour le vivant

Ensci Les Atelier, 2020-2021

Prototype of The Infuser

            The project stems from a partnership with a beauty care luxury brand. Where the goal of the project was to rethink the future of the brand through a more sustainable approach, both on a social and environmental level. My focus was mainly on the production of the raw materials that are used for their beauty products, especially natural ones. Identifying the exploitation of natural resources as the main problem and, secondly, the consumers’ unawareness of the importance of natural raw materials in beauty products. Hence, the idea of creating an object that would allow customers to experience first hand the importance of a “living” and natural ingredient within their products and, at the same time, allow the brand to practice more conscious production and distribution methods.


Research board

           Very important for the project was the research phase. This research was based on the study of CSR, initially within the brand world and in a second time in competitors’ behaviors. The main problem emerged was the exploitation of natural resources by big brands. Also, due to the over production the consumers don’t understand the value of raw materials anymore.

Design fiction

    To frame the concept of the project, we envisioned a speculative narrative. To develop dystopian and provocative scenarios where the brand could fit in, in order to improve the future user experience and reimagine a more brand-conscious future. In the scenario I hypothesized, humans had to leave the Earth due to climate change. Upon their departure, the natural world resumed lush growth and covered every corner of the globe. Humans, once back, no longer know how to relate to the natural world, and the beauty care brand engages in a revalorization project where plants and humans live together, sharing and learning from each other.

When the man has stopped, a fiction by Madeleine Beltrandi. 

The experience

THE HORTUS/ At the store

The final project consists, at first, in the creation of a new concept store where customers experiences a 100% sublime experience around the creation of the beauty product tailored for them. In this way they are directly in contact with the raw materials used by the brand and with their importance. In this store, called the Hortus, to recall its connection with raw materials, the customer is accompanied by a botanical beauty advisor. This figure helps the custumers not only in recommending the best product according to the customer’s needs, but also in explaining from a more biological point of view the properties of the individual ingredients.

Additionally, the customer can buy a set to be able to repeat the experience every evening at home, and learn the different properties inherent in plants day by day. This set contains different items: including an infuser, dispensers and a silk fabric. The costumer also purchases the raw materials needed to realize the beauty product. These items are distributed by the brand in a more sustainable way, such as in bulk or vacuum-packed to keep the flower fresh.