1. Giardino in Fermento
  2. Out of the wood
  3. Le soin pour le vivant
  4. SacàDodo

The Nature/Human category, consists of a selection of 4 projects based on the human-nature and society- environment relationship. Here, each of the projects were conducted by following different methodologies and achieving different kinds of outcomes. However, they all share a common will for a systemic change and a symbiotic future scenario. 


  1. Pieces of Home
  2. Woodbased Material
  3. Nettles
  4. Paysages

Materiality, includes projects related to material experimentation and research, with a focus on the behavior, textures and chemical properties of the explored materials. Some projects rely more on an artistic approach, while others are more analytical and scientific. All of them start from a personal curiosity of the author.


  1. Collective Herbarium
  2. Nonwooven
  3. For a more balanced future scenario

In Editorial we find projects whose final output takes the format of communicative artifacts, where the main intent is to divulgate personal research and investigation.


  1. Yes!
  2. Tandem

The service chapter groups together projects that represent mostly services for citizens. In this category, a more systemic and social approach can be observed.