Being a cleaver

Politecnico di Milano, workshop June 2023. 


    The Product Service System Seminar (PSSs), held by the Professor Fabio Di Liberto together with Francesco Vergani and in collaboration with the Japanese centenary, re-generative green design company GreenWise, has been an opportunity to dive into the urban forest La Goccia a 40-hectare wood in the north of Milan, a real treasure for Milan's urban biodiversity that will soon see a transformation for the construction of the new Politecnico di Milano campus by architects Renzo Piano. 

   The environment of the urban forest “la Goccia” provided us with the opportunity to design for plants as stakeholders. The objective of the seminar was to offer a radically different perspective and to be exposed to other ways of “sensing” and approaching a design challenge. While creating opportunities to understand the perspective of plants and different life forms. 

Mathilde, Morgan, Chenxin, Mercedes and I chose the cleaver plant as our client and tried to understand its characteristics, needs and wishes. To do so, we tried to embody the plant itself through a sensory journey into the forest and its inhabitants. Which was translated into the concept of a sensory exhibition for the future campus, where natural and human environments seek to coexist in a single ecosystem. 

Sensations from the plant perspective

Mapping the plant: Time and space from the point of view of a cleaver